It can be awkward discussing money and every client’s need’s are unique, which makes it difficult to set hard and fast fees.  Paul’s only aim is to ensure you get the best photographs no matter how long you choose to have him at your event.

He offers a highly personal and flexible service and you should always discuss exactly what you want with him.

Understandably clients want to know how much it will cost? Organising an event is complex and expensive and budgets need to be balanced.

Pauls fee structure is simple. You will get a price for the event. There are no hidden costs.

Photography often seems expensive, but people do not appreciate the unseen hours editing images afterwards. During a  typical all day wedding its not at all uncommon to take upwards of 1500 images. Each one of these has to be edited, straightened, cropped, colour balanced, cloned and converted. Not every image makes the final selection.  If Paul spends 10 hours at a wedding, he will spend 20 to 30 hrs editing.

What does the price include.

Paul’s attendance at your event for the time you want. Paul is not a  clock watcher and will not pack up and go after ‘X’ hrs. If you want him there to shoot a wedding, covering the bride getting ready through to the fist dance, that is what you get. He does not price for ‘up to X hours’ and then charge more for additional hours. He would rather get to you early and stay late to ensure he covers everything.

An on-line album. You will have access to an online album including all the selected high quality images from your event. You can share the album with whoever you want to and you call all download images to use as you wish. These images are not protectively watermarked and the gallery will be available for 12 months after the event.

Typical Prices

An all day wedding, covering the bridal party getting ready through to the first dance will cost £1200. 

Half  day wedding, covering the arrival of the guests through to the first dance will cost   £600 – £900 depending on the time spent at the wedding.

Short wedding, All shot at the wedding venue, covering the arrival of the guests the ceremony and group shots afterwards, from £350 to £600 depending on the time spent at the wedding .     

Birthday parties and other celebrations. Prices will depend on what you want and how long you want. Paul can set up a portable studio and shoot portraits of you and your guests as well as covering the more informal moments. Prices from £250.

Additional Services

A second photographer brings a additional perspective to an event, capturing more of its unique moments. It is not uncommon for weddings to have a second photographer to record the groom and groomsmen getting ready and more the informal moments as the guests arrive. A second photographer costs an additional £200 for an all day wedding.

Wedding Albums and prints. The cost of an album is determined by its size, finish and the number of pages so it is impossible to give a price. The availability of on line photo books which a client can create themselves from the gallery of high quality images  has also lead to a reduced demand for the more traditional album. If you wish to have an album or have prints produced please contact me.

Please contact Paul on 07941003156 or at to discuss your specific requirements and availability

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