Brutalist London

These photos were taken in June 2021 during a Bromley Camera Club outing to shoot some Brutalist Architecture in London. Clearly not all these photos are of Brutalist Architecture but all were taken during the trip.


In December 2020 I attended the funeral of a very good friend’s mother in Southport Merseyside. My friend was unable to attend as he was living abroad and the Covid pandemic prevented him from traveling. It was my first visit to the town and I was pleasantly impressed. I...


During the lock-down for Corona Virus I experimented with different approaches and styles of self portraits. I took all these images using a remote release. Some were in natural light on my patio and some used just 1 video light against a dark cloth background. All have been converted...


A interesting sky can really add something to a photo but how often do we take the time to really look hard at clouds. This project does just that.


Everywhere you look there are words and images, so much so that I wonder how much notice we take of them. in this project I look at how visual messages are found in our urban landscape

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